Welcome to the Copenhagen International Rotary Club (CIRC)

Copenhagen International Rotary Club (CIRC) was established in 1995, and is the only English-speaking Rotary Club in the Danish capital. Say Rotary and many people might say „conservative“, „old fashioned“, „male dominated“. But this is not true. We are a young international crowd with members of all ages and approximately every second is female.

People join CIRC for different reasons, but there is one common element that brings us all together: international flavour! We bridge cultures and borders through or activities in charity, international student exchange and vocational work. Our members are Danes and expats, representing at least 16 nationalities and counting.

Please get in touch with us, if you are interested in joining one of our regular Monday evening get-togethers with interesting speakers as fashion entrepreneur Klaus Samsøe, Sushi cook Jens Rahbek or mayor Pia Allerslev, whom we all have met recently.

You can contact us on this e-mail address president@circ.dk or by phone 40 52 20 50.