Title of the project: Empowering survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo through economic empowerment

– August 2023 –

The ceramic project is contributing on economic empowerment of survivors, as occupational therapy, form of socializing but also contributes directly in the change of position of survivors within their families and communities.

KRCT is implementing the project as it is foreseen on the project proposal. Two persons are engaged in the training for ceramic workshops. The persons who are engaged are one of them survivor of sexual violence and the other one is daughter of the survivor of sexual violence. 

The women’s started to attend the training on February and the training will last until May.

We engaged a very professional trainer for the ceramic work as well as she has very careful approach in regard to survivors.

During the training phase the survivors have possibility to be trained on: modeling, baking as well as coloring of the ceramic products.

So far they managed to produce cups, phone holders, and fridge magnets with logos as well as other products.

Both of them are very creative persons and they are very satisfied with the knowledge they gain so far for the ceramic work. 

The project is intended to influence the empowerment of women, both psychosocially and economically. The individual empowerment of women directly affects the improvement of their position in the family and society and from the position of the victim turns them into active citizens. For survivors of trauma, creating art it is  a way to regain a sense of control and empowerment. Traumatic experiences can leave individuals feeling helpless and powerless, but through creating art, they can take ownership of their thoughts and emotions and transform them into something tangible and meaningful.

Engaging survivors through art we are providing  them a sense of comfort and support and in their family. The art work through ceramic is helping  survivors  to  feel less isolated  as a way to connect with others and build a sense of community.

In addition the activities envisaged in the implementation have awareness-raising elements, influencing the consciousness of the citizens, the international community and beyond, regarding the position of the survivors and the acceptance by the society.