Copenhagen International Rotary Club in Guatemala

Copenhagen International Rotary Club
- July 2018 -

The project Guatemala is focus on providing drink water for some urban areas of Guatemala. The project was a cooperation between "Copenhagen International Rotary Club" and related stakeholders.

Rotary Copenhagen is involved in a much-needed project in Mixco, Guatemala. There, we contribute to improved sanitation and increased water supply in an elementary school with 350+ students and 15 teachers. The current situation in this school is terrible. Too few toilets, all in bad shape. A kitchen that is falling apart. Water supplied only early mornings and evenings. Most windows broken. The local municipality has insufficient means for maintaining the school, let alone restore it. So this is where Rotary Copenhagen is stepping in. Together with Hjælpefonden and Districtfonden, we have raised the funds necessary for a major overhaul of the school’s sanitation and water supply. Once the project is completed (scheduled for [month, year]), the children and staff of the Primero de Julio school in Mixco will enjoy twice as many toilets, all new, a new kitchen, new pumps and storage tanks for fresh water, and new window panes in all classrooms.

Primero de Julio school is located in a neighborhood of the town of Mixco, a municipality of the deepartment of Guatemala, Central America.

The problems that school faced with asre listed below:

  • The condition of bathroom were not good.
  • The water pump was not working properly.
  • The furniture and equipment in the kitchen was old and in poor condition.
  • There were leaks in the kitchen, and some classrooms.
  • Most of the classroom windows were broken.

What changes happened during the project:

  • Five more bathroom built, and the condition of existing one improved. 
  • A new refrigator provided for kitchen and the kitchen renovated.
  • A new entrance for small children made.
  • The school principal obtained a donation of computers to install a computer lab.
  • New water tanks for the bathroom and the kitchen were bought.
  • New filter to purify the was bought.
  • All classrooms, kitchen and bathrooms were painted.
  • The windows replaced with sieve, as it was requested by school teachers.