Copenhagen International Rotary Club in Zanzibar

– July 2023 –

The Amazing WASH Project

Imagine the impact of clean water on a community. The Kitogani Teachers College and Kajengwa Community in Zanzibar have seen that impact firsthand. With the help of CIRC and community support, boreholes and water tanks were built, providing clean water to hundreds of people who previously had to walk long distances to fetch water. This is the Water and Sanitation House project – WASH – consisting of two separate activities in Kitogain Teachers College and Kajengwa Community.

Facts about the projects from a visit on site in April 2023:


  • Borehole with a 5000 li tank and run by an electric pump. It is both in good running conditions.
  • The separate male and female toilets are also functioning well and in good condition.
  • The initial project was calculated to service 50 people. Presently, they have increased their capacity to 200 pax.

KAJENGWA COMMUNITY– toured with Nassor Simba Hassan

  • A borehole and a room housing the pump was built and are in good condition. 70 meter deep borehole was dug up by. 
  • 2 water tanks each with 3000 li are in good condition. 
  • This project was financed 70% by CIRC and 30% supported by the community. 
  • This village services 100 homes (500 people). They used to walk 1.5 km one way to fetch water. 
  • Five communal taps have been installed strategically placed in the village. 
  • Others have refused the convenience of having a tap in their homes. Instead, they enjoy the social interaction that happens at communal taps! 
  • Twenty two houses are connected directly to the central point. Connection costs were paid by the homeowners. 
  • Each household pays 3,000 Tsh (1.2 € ), arbitrarily determined by the villagers themselves. 
  • Power stability (Zanzibar Electric Co) is unstable that can ruin the pump. 
  • A designated local person looks after the pump station and taps but so far, no regular maintenance schedule had been implemented. 
  • The borehole had already impacted a number of diseases (diarrhea, for example) that had gone down. No definitive numbers given.

The projects have been a huge success, with the facilities being well-maintained and even expanding to serve more people. The community takes great pride in the facilities, with some even choosing to use communal taps for the social interaction it brings.

The projects can serve as a model for further WASH projects in Zanzibar. With the guidance of experts like Bernadette, additional farming activities can be added to further improve the lives of the community.

As we move forward, it’s important to remember the need for appropriate distance between boreholes and toilets to avoid contamination. With the help of Rotary Club members who specialize in water issues, we can identify other villages in need of similar WASH projects and continue to make a positive impact in the lives of people in Zanzibar.

Susie/May 2023 (based on report from Zanzibar and minutes from Florence).